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 Calorie Charts Fats and Oils
Almond Oil
Animal Fat
Apricot Oil
Babassu Oil
Bacon Grease
Butter - Light Butter Stick
Butter Replacement
Butter-Margarine Blends
Canola and Soybean Oil
Cocoa Butter Oil
Coconut and or Palm Kernel Confectionary Shortening
Corn and Canola
Corn Oil
Corn, Peanut and Olive
Cottonseed Oil
Creamy Dressing
Cupu Assu Oil
Fish Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Heavy Duty Frying Shortening
Household Shortening
Household Soybean Shortening
Industrial Shortening
Institutional Shortening
Maragrine-like Spread - Unspecified Oils
Margarine - 20% Fat Vegetable Oil Spread
Margarine - 60% Fat Vegetable Oil Spread
Margarine - 80% Fat Margarine
Margarine - Corn
Margarine - Corn, Soybean and Cottonseed
Margarine - Safflower and Soybean
Margarine - Safflower, Soybean and Cottonseed
Margarine - Soybean
Margarine - Soybean and Cottonseed
Margarine - Soybean and Palm
Margarine - Soybean, Corn and Cottonseed
Margarine - Sunflower, Soybean and Cottonseed
Margarine - Unspecified Oils Margarine
Margarine 70% Vegetable Oil Spread
Margarine Spread
Margarine-like Spread - Corn
Margarine-like Spread - Soybean
Margarine-like Spread - Soybean and Cottonseed
Margarine-like Spread - Soybean and Palm
Margarine-like Spreads
Meat Drippings
Multipurpose Shortening
Nutmeg Butter Oil
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Peanut Oil
Poppyseed Oil
Regular Frying Shortening
Rice Bran Oil
Safflower Oil
Salad Dressing - Bacon and Tomato
Salad Dressing - Blue and Roquefort Cheese
Salad Dressing - Buttermilk
Salad Dressing - Caesar
Salad Dressing - Coleslaw
Salad Dressing - French
Salad Dressing - Green Goddess
Salad Dressing - Home Recipe
Salad Dressing - Italian
Salad Dressing - Mayonnaise
Salad Dressing - Peppercorn
Salad Dressing - Ranch
Salad Dressing - Russian
Salad Dressing - Sesame Seed
Salad Dressing - Sweet and Sour
Salad Dressing - Thousand Island
Salad Dressings - Kraft Brand
Sandwich Spread
Sesame Oil
Sheanut Oil
Soybean and Cottonseed Cake Mix Shortening
Soybean Bread Shortening
Soybean Oil
Special Purpose Shortenings
Sunflower Oil
Teaseed Oil
Tomatoseed Oil
Ucuhuba Butter Oil
Vegetable Oil - Avocado
Vegetable Oil - Canola Oil
Vegetable Oil - Coconut Oil
Vegetable Oil - Mustard Oil
Vegetable Oil - Oat Oil
Vegetable Oil - Palm Kernel
Vegetable Oil - Soybean Lecithin
Vegetable Oil - Sunflower
Vegetable Oil-Butter Spreads
Walnut Oil
Wheat Germ Oil

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