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 Calorie Charts Milk, Cheese, Yogurt and Dairy Products
Blue Cheese
Brick Cheese
Brie Cheese
Camembert Cheese
Caraway Cheese
Ceshire Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Cheese Fondue
Cheese Food
Cheese Sauce
Cheese Spread
Cheese Substitute - Mozarella
Chocolate Instant Breakfast Powder Beverage
Colby Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Cow's Milk
Cream - Half and Half
Cream - Light Cream
Cream - Whipping Cream
Cream Cheese
Cream Substitute
Dessert Topping - Whipped Cream
Edam Cheese
Ensure Plus Liquid Nutrition
Feta Cheese
Fontina Cheese
Gjetost Cheese
Goat Cheese
Goat Milk
Gouda Cheese
Human Milk
Imitation American Cheese
Imitation American or Cheddar Cheese
Indian Buffalo Milk
Kraft Brand Cheez Whiz
Kraft Brand Sour Creams
Kraft Brand Velveeta Cheese Product
Kraft Brand Yogurts
Kraft Singles American Cheese Product
Limburger Cheese
Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese
Mexican Cheese
Milk - Chocolate Milk
Milk - Condensed Milk
Milk - Dry Milk
Milk - Evaporated Milk
Milk Shakes
Milk Substitutes
Milkshake Mix
Monterey Cheese
Mozarella Cheese
Muenster Cheese
Neufchatel Cheese
Non-Soy Imitation Milk
Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan Cheese Topping
Pasteurized Cheese Product
Pausterized Cheese - American Cheese
Pausterized Cheese - Cheddar or American Cheese
Pausterized Cheese - Pimento Cheese
Pausterized Cheese - Swiss Cheese
Port de Salut Cheese
Provolone Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
Romano Cheese
Roquefort Cheese
Sheep Milk
Sour Cream
Sour Dressing
Swiss Cheese
Tilsit Cheese
Whipped Cream Substitute

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